World Data Corporation is the data collection and compiling repository for automotive and recreational vehicle regulations in the world. Our flagship product, the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual Volume I (formerly known as “The Red Book”) has been in production since 1959. The reliable and comprehensive information in these manuals are reviewed and audited annually by the jurisdictions themselves and by World Data Corporation. Stated simply, these reference manuals are the industry standard.

In 1922, R.L. Polk & Company began to compile information on automotive motor vehicle registrations at the request of Alfred Sloan, then president of General Motors. Over the years Polk has become the recognized authoritative leader in the compilation and creation of auto related statistics, and remains so to this day. These data compilation activities ultimately led to the creation of Polk’s Motor Vehicle Registration Manuals. Over the last sixty years these manuals have grown from one volume to three volumes. On average, there are up to 500 page revisions to these manuals annually.

World Data Corporation acquired these manuals in 2012 from R.L. Polk and is qualified, uniquely, to continue the publication of this valuable resource. World Data Corporations president and C.E.O. is a former employee of R.L. Polk who spent seven years maintaining and updating these publications, and its Board of Directors include attorneys that have years of experience in the automotive industry.
The Motor Vehicle Registration Manuals are used by states, provinces, departments of transportation, departments of motor vehicles, automotive companies, automotive dealers, automotive associations, and others. They are unique and the most comprehensive and accurate reference manuals available in the market.
World Data Corporation Registration Manuals are your complete source for title and registration requirements throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These valuable references will help you become more efficient and profitable by providing essential and accurate information for processing motor vehicle transactions.