About us

World Data Corporation is an information service provider, based just outside of Detroit in Lake Orion, Michigan. Our roots run deep in the “Motor City” and the fast paced ever changing “World” of the automobile industry.

World Data Corporation was founded in 2012 and continues the long tradition of maintaining current, accurate motor vehicle procedure information delivered in print and digital formats. (Please See “History” section for additional information.)

The Motor Vehicle Registration Manuals, Volume I, II and III are valuable reference resources and are the recognized leader in providing detailed, easy to access information to assist a variety of businesses and issuing agencies regarding vehicle regulatory compliance requirements. These products are delivered in print format AND online which allows for easy access with a PC, tablet or smart device.

World Data Corporation also offers the Vehicle Refund and Transfer Guide, which provides comprehensive detailed information regarding the availability of refundable fees and taxes, and the availability of transfer of remaining fees for vehicles upon the change of the disposition of the vehicle – such as sale, total loss or relocation to another jurisdiction, etc. This product is available in an online format.

World Data Corporation also offers the Ownership Document Guide which provides images (many in full-color) of the valid ownership documents which accompany vehicles upon the transfer and sale thereof. Security features utilized by many jurisdictions are also presented, where available, to assist users in verifying the authenticity of the documents which they process in the course of business, be it at the issuing agency level or the fast-paced business of auctions and auto dealerships, and beyond. The product is available in an online format.

Furthermore, World Data Corporation has developed Total Refund®, a useful tool which helps individuals and businesses to quickly identify if a refund or transfer of remaining fees may be available upon the change in disposition of a vehicles ownership status (such as a sale, early lease termination, total loss or move to a different jurisdiction). If a refund or transfer is available, information is provided on how to proceed and required forms are presented, many of which are fillable PDF's..

The mission of World Data Corporation is to provide our customers the most up to date information available through the utilization of numerous reliable sources. We continue to strive to identify and deliver new and useful products for our valued customers. Our commitment is to Customer Satisfaction. We welcome comments, suggestions and feedback as we strive for perfection and settle for excellence.